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Our motto is , " A good thing from the world . "

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We accept your query the questions from our customers in the message . On top of the fill in the required information , please press the "send" .

 ( Note ) With regard to the following , so thank you in advance for your understanding .

  • Answer from us is intended to answer specific questions of customers who contact us.Our without permission , diversion a part or the whole of the answer content , secondary use or to disclose other than the customers , it is strictly prohibited .

  • The inquiry , we will respond within the business hours as a general rule . Hours : AM9 : 00 ~ PM6: 00 ( except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays , year-end and New Year holidays , summer vacation , etc. , the holiday company )

  • It may take your time to give your reply .

  • Depending on the contents of the matter is incorrect or if the inquiry , such as your phone number , you may not receive a reply .

  • Your personal information will be properly managed in accordance with our regulations .

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Tenma Park bill 7F,4-14-19 Tenma,kita-ku Osaka City 


TEL +81-6-6353-0306(Representative phone number) FAX +08-6-6353-0541
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